Beautiful water processing environment is created

          (TOYO-SYSTEM)Evaporation dispersion equipment?

As for the purificawhich has spread at the area which does not have the sewer ahead
discharging necessity with it does.
At the area which is not ahead discharging, each you must process inside the site.
As the one manner,the evaporation diffusion mode which is this device It is.  
The underground not to be to permeate,the earth's surface, making use of the natural
evaporation from the surface and transpiration from of the plant(Lawn)it is a manner
which processes.

In this devaice, to make each layer with the pebble, the sand and the earth, most efficiency
in order for good capillary rise to be done, devising, now
lt does ln addition, before evaporating diffusing as phase, Filter element to remove the
plugging up primary facter substance by using, furthermore it has improved the water
quality of the conversion tank processing water.
because spare you can exchange the filter element , periodic maintenance if it does,
without eitherhypofunction of the evaporation dispersion equipment, the half you can
use permanently.

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